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Welcome to Swift Alliance

Swift Alliance is a fully independent global investment management firm. Our choice of investment solutions spans both market capitalization and style spectra and encompasses everything from regional and global strategies to multi-asset, tactical investing.

Our dedicated investment, analytical and business professional team, are perpetually committed to delivering an invaluable market information network service for all Swift Alliance clients. Our professional analysts provide an essential support infrastructure to our investment managers, bestowing the insight into economic and corporate fundamentals that ensure our clients are always well-informed.

How We Invest

At Swift Alliance, we regard information and its flow as the most important aspect of our business. We know that by exploiting the inefficiencies in the way information pervades the markets, we can deliver a solid advantage and consistently superior investment returns for the benefit of our clients.

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About Us
Our People

We are, first and foremost, a people business. Our strengths stem from our ability to attract, retain and motivate the most talented professionals and support personnel.

Our Mission Statement

Swift Alliance's purview focuses on enabling our clients to accumulate new wealth and to protect and/or generate meaningful income from existing capital.

Our Outlook

We are cautiously optimistic on the global economy but remain positioned to change tactics in the event of an unexpected downturn in growth expectations.

Our Investment Services

Swift Alliance has been building, preserving and managing wealth for generations of private investors. We have considerable assets under management across a variety of market capitalizations, global regions and sectors.

At Swift Alliance, we give short shrift to the idea of an "off-the-peg" solution to our clients' unique financial requirements. Not for us the rigid risk appetite categories –"low", "medium" or "high" – in our opinion, individual circumstances demand individual solutions so every portfolio is effectively "made to measure".

Swift Alliance sees our commitment to clients as being two-fold: The consistently impressive returns generated by our adept investment management teams combined with distinction in client service.

To meet this commitment, a dedicated team of client service professionals apply the same drive and flair as our investment professionals do and, in doing so, they ensure that market-beating returns are matched by market-beating service levels. The result is a level of service that was once only available to large institutional investors like pension funds and treasurers.

Discretionary Investment Management
By entrusting us with limited authority to make discretionary investment decisions on your behalf, you are free to go about your normal business safe in the knowledge that we are working hard to see to it that your investment return objectives are met.
Financial Planning Services
No two investors are identical. Your life develops like no one else's and, as such, it requires a financial plan of action that is personalized to reflect your situation and your life's unique characteristics.
The LongShort Report
The LongShort Report is a popular subscription-based investment report for more experienced investors who have a desire to profit from the short-term volatility typically associated with financial markets.
Our Investment Process

The adherence to discipline we demonstrate in our research and our risk management is mirrored in the manner in which we approach the numerous steps we take long before you engage us as one of your trusted advisers. As the old adage states, "a failure to plan is a plan to fail" and nowhere is this proven as vividly and as often as it is in matters of investment.

You & Your Needs
We start by gaining a deep understanding of your personal circumstances and financial aspirations
Addressing Your Priorities
Maintaining lifestyle choices as we plan to realize future objectives
Constructing the Plan
Creating a vision of your future detailing milestone achievements
Assessing Risk
Managing risk in line with
your pre-defined tolerance
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